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8:20-- Spiritual Joy: Welcome 1937
8:06-- Guest_1937: :)
8:05-- Spiritual Joy: JMprning Chat room oin me for Morning Glory 8-10 praising God through musical worship
22:26-- Danny Gee - MVP: respect bad
22:24-- Danny Gee - MVP: Wheeeeeel
21:57-- Trevor .atra : Lewisham watching the doctors put back in you teeth witch I knock out
21:56-- Trevor .atra : I'm raving tonite .
21:42-- Trevor .atra : Ok
21:42-- Trevor .atra : Ok looks like it's u and me tonite . I'm ganna break all your fingers I've only been playing tunes for 3 years .
21:38-- Trevor .atra : Vintage . U shit . Time will tell
21:33-- Trevor .atra : I'll vote if u let me come on and u can interview me . U will be sorry sir
21:25-- Trevor .atra : Well u go t say something.
21:23-- Trevor .atra : Oh no not u . Blessed sir I heard u never got any val cards . Never mind
20:59-- Trevor .atra : Good show
20:58-- Lady Blessed Gee : Excellence
19:44-- Lady Blessed Gee: Connissiers ??? Gwarn Up Up
19:25-- Lady Blessed Gee: Yeh Yeh xx
16:09-- Guest_1957: :D :D
16:07-- DJ Gabbi: DJ Gabbi is on The Rock 926 sitting in for Bucky D from 4pm till 6pm
15:51-- Guest_2349: shorty sort out your levels
15:49-- Guest_1957: dont the dj listen to what they are playing
15:49-- Guest_1957: it sounds terrible
10:04-- Guest_4866: Morning Steveo
21:22-- Guest_9622: Hi Ranx big up
20:50-- Topstarr: Nice tune! :D :D
20:50-- Topstarr: :D
20:50-- Topstarr: Evening all!
20:23-- Me Angel Eyez : Up top!
20:01-- Nina : Your welcome Fat Larry x
20:01-- fat larry: thank you chat room bless
20:00-- fat larry: 07903 274344 bless
19:59-- Me Angel Eyez : Couldn't find it number so i had to message via here x
19:57-- Me Angel Eyez : Wow I need to lock in more often
19:55-- Nina : Wicked Show Fat Larry... Thankyou.. Blessed love to you and yours. xx :D :D :D
19:54-- Nina : Lyric
19:53-- Nina : CHOOOOON :D :D :D :D
19:50-- Nina : :D :D
19:50-- Me Angel Eyez : Defo Nina u know it x
19:49-- Nina : :D :D :D :D
19:48-- Nina : Big peoples music.. if you know you know :D :D :D
19:44-- Nina : Gregory :D :D :D TUNE
19:43-- Me Angel Eyez : Defo my sounds now
19:43-- Me Angel Eyez : TUNEZ!!!
19:35-- Nina : :D :D :D Booom
19:34-- Nina : Great Interview Fat Larry & Junior :D :D
19:32-- Nina : Bless up Junior.. Keep up the good work.. x
19:29-- Nina : :D :D
19:29-- Nina : Its a beautiful tune
19:27-- Me Angel Eyez : Uno its not wot i listen to alot but his song had a sweet sound to it x
19:26-- Nina : :D :D :D
19:26-- Nina : Looking forward to hearing the Album :D :D
19:22-- Nina : :D :D
19:21-- Nina : You reached Top Of the pops for that one
19:20-- Nina : What was it like singing with Kim Wilde?
19:18-- Nina : :D :D :D
18:59-- Nina : TUNE :D :D :D
18:59-- Me Angel Eyez : :P
18:58-- Me Angel Eyez : LMAO look pon site my pic there x
18:57-- Nina : :D :D :D :D
18:57-- Me Angel Eyez : Top show sweet tunes .
18:56-- Nina : Junior Giscombe Was also a backing singer for the group Links Fat Larry back in the 80s Fat Larry :D
18:44-- Me Angel Eyez : Nice vibes larry;)
18:43-- Nina : :D :D :D
18:23-- fat larry: big up guest
18:22-- fat larry: big up nina bless
18:22-- Nina : Good Evening Fat Larry x :D :D
18:11-- Guest_1995: :)
17:57-- fat larry: junor giscombe joins me at 7pm bless
17:28-- fat larry: good day chat room bless
15:49-- Guest_6958: :D
10:50-- Guest_3609: :)
1:06-- Guest_6862: Bless you all for joining me ...hope you're enjoying the selection XX
0:29-- Topstarr: :D
0:29-- Topstarr: Tune
0:15-- Topstarr: Hi Claudz :)
23:52-- DADDY CHRIS: C4L:D:D
23:23-- Guest_5535: Nice!


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)



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