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12:59-- Guest_8799: :D :D
11:52-- Guest_7766: Hi CB
11:52-- Cutie B: Good Morning all
11:52-- Cutie B: Hi Dj Smedley
11:40-- Guest_1603: Morning Smeds
11:33-- smeds: :D
1:58-- Guest_8154: Goodbye and thank you for listening out all for listening
0:24-- Guest_7216: 07732 973 703 for shoutouts and dedications request , t txt & whatsapp
0:14-- Guest_8739: Welcome to the NEO Centric Show with me DJ Inch Perfect
0:13-- Guest_3251: Greetings chatroom
0:00-- Mystique: Thank you all for your company, have a great week. Up next Inch Perfect :D :D
23:59-- Mystique: Thank you So Deeeeeelicious, blessings :D
23:58-- Mystique: Thank you ATRA, blessings everytime :D
23:58-- So DeeeeeeeLiCiouS: ENJOYED YOUR SHOW MYSTIQUE,,bless xx
23:57-- ATRA : Niceeeeee Show Bro , Keep up da good work.
23:52-- Mystique: Bless up ATRA :D
23:48-- ATRA : Yes bro from da top
23:46-- So DeeeeeeeLiCiouS: Looool
23:44-- So DeeeeeeeLiCiouS: he's confessing and begging..loool
23:28-- Mystique: Thank you So Deeeeeelicious :D
23:26-- So DeeeeeeeLiCiouS: beautiful track
23:17-- Mystique: :D :D So Deeeeeelicious
23:15-- So DeeeeeeeLiCiouS: :D :D mystique
23:01-- Mystique: Good evening Daddychris :D
23:01-- D-Mac: Chris is getting Big Daddy :P :D:D
23:01-- 1DADDYCHRIS: yes yes sir mystique
23:00-- 1DADDYCHRIS: yes yes atra
22:59-- ATRA : Yes Big Daddy
22:59-- 1DADDYCHRIS: yes yes d- mac all good
22:58-- D-Mac: Ez Daddychris U Gud King
22:57-- 1DADDYCHRIS: yes yes chatroom
22:56-- D-Mac: :D :D
22:51-- Mystique: Blessings So Deeeeeeelicious :D
22:50-- Mystique: Bless up ATRA
22:50-- Mystique: Bless up Sir D-Mac
22:50-- D-Mac: Ez Mystique
22:47-- ATRA : Play tune Mystique
22:46-- D-Mac: Tune Nice :D
22:46-- ATRA : Real niceeeeee
22:45-- So DeeeeeeeLiCiouS: This is NICE....


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)